The road forward is paved with small victories

We usually use this blog to report on tech trends and extended reality (XR) industry news, but today we’ll take some time to reflect on a recent accomplishment.

Last month, we at VusionVR completed a 360° virtual tour project for Slanted Door, an art gallery and café located around the corner from our offices. Slanted Door isn’t a “big” client – it’s a new business with a limited marketing budget and little recognition outside the neighbourhood. Yet the project was an unmitigated success: our client is happy and the end-product generated well-earned media recognition. The experience reminded us of the power of a good idea, the value of quality work, and the satisfaction that comes from giving back to your community. It reminded us, in other words, of the ideals that have guided our growth as a company.

During nearly three years in business, VusionVR has been lucky to work with high-profile clients – One King West Hotel & Residence; the Minto Group – on 360° virtual tour projects. The Slanted Door tour is different: not only does it bring the user inside a uniquely vibrant and engaging space, it also features e-commerce, which we believe will fuel the growth of VR, AR, and 360° media.

Here’s how it works: users navigate the tour by clicking ‘hot spots’ on the gallery’s floor, as they would in any other 360° virtual tour. Beside each painting hangs a small yellow button that users can click for more information, such as the piece’s title, artist, medium, size, and price. A ‘Buy Now’ button linked to the painting’s product page is also included in the informational overlay – with just a few clicks of the mouse or taps of the smartphone, a user can purchase local art through the tour.

Our mission as a service provider is to deliver high-quality work that helps clients achieve their goals. In Slanted Door’s case, that means assisting the promotion of Canadian artists, a pursuit that delivers widespread good to the community. The positive impact of this project made going above and beyond easy: we distributed a press release and reached out to local media outlets, ultimately catching the eye of CBC News Toronto. You can watch the resulting segment here:

Competing in the fledgling XR industry is challenging, especially for small companies like VusionVR. But challenging isn’t impossible; by executing projects like the Slanted Door 360° virtual tour – projects based on innovative ideas that benefit society at large – we believe we can continue to expand our capabilities and contribute to the continued growth of virtual reality, augmented reality, and 360° video. We’re already recognized as a top AR/VR company on DesignRush, and are excited about the next stage of our development.