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Nokia OZO Virtual Reality Camera

The Nokia OZO Virtual Reality Camera is the world’s first professional-grade VR camera capable of capturing 360° spherical video and 360×360 sound. The camera was officially announced in July 2015, and since then it has become an industry-leading choice for companies like Disney, Elemental, and JauntVR as they pursue their virtual reality ambitions.

At VusionVR, we chose the Nokia OZO Virtual Reality Camera for its top-of-the-line video and sound quality, the elegant workflow its software provides, and its ease of use, including single-file video and audio data storage and one-cable output. We have been fortunate to shoot with OZO in locations around southern Ontario.


The OZO was designed and manufactured by Nokia, and has been in the works since the early days of the most recent wave of VR innovation – since before Facebook purchased Oculus.

In an interview with Ars Technica, Nokia’s head of Presence Capture, Guido Voltolina, described OZO’s origins: “In November 2013 [Ozo] was two engineers buying parts and going to management saying we want to work on this project,” he said. “’Here is one frame captured with this future system’ that will allow us to do this. It was one frame, the proof of concept. This was before Oculus was even bought by Facebook. From a pre-market analysis view it was: VR happened in the past, god news if it’s going to happen in the future.”


The Nokia OZO Virtual Reality Camera has been described by The Verge as “a spherical rig the size of a large cantaloupe, roughly 6 pounds, with eight optical image sensors spaced roughly an eye width apart.” It is roughly the same size as an average human skull. Each of the eight camera lenses captures about 195 degrees of imagery, creating significant overlap which helps to create a full, 360° view of the camera’s surroundings. Alongside the eight cameras, the OZO is equipped with eight mics to capture spatial audio, which helps locate users within an immersive VR experience.


With OZO, Nokia has succeeded in producing an industry-leading virtual reality camera that produces the highest-quality, cinematic 360° video on the market. The OZO lets producers preview content in real-time through the virtual reality monitor output, which allows directors to tweak scenes and provide feedback to performers. OZO also has live broadcasting capabilities, which hold tremendous potential for live, immersive athletic, political, and musical performances. All this in addition to capturing immersive, broadcast-quality 360° video and audio through its eight cameras and eight microphones. Through the Nokia OZO Virtual Reality Camera and its suite of creator tools, cinematic virtual reality is a step away.

But don’t take our word for it! OZO has helped numerous VR content creators achieve their goals. Pixel Corps’ Founder, Alex Lindsay, said “OZO gives us the reliability and predictability that we need to scale live spherical production,” while Ted Schilowitz of 20th Century Fox called the design “phenomenal,” adding that “the concept behind it is revolutionary.”

With VusionVR and the Nokia OZO Virtual Reality Camera, your virtual reality ambitions can be achieved in a time- and cost-effective manner.

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