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Have you ever used a facial filter on Snapchat or Instagram?

As a Toronto AR agency, VusionVR is proud to have partnered with Hakim Optical to create our inaugural experience: a first-in-Canada virtual try-on augmented reality experience for eyeglasses.


Web-based Virtual Try-On


Desktop/Mobile/Tablet Accessible


Pupillary Distance (PD) Measurement


iOS 11 Support (Safari)


Android Support


Full Side View Rendering



Did you roam the streets of your city in search of Pikachus during the Pokémon Go craze of late 2016? If so, then you have already engaged with the work of an AR agency.

Augmented reality (AR) is a technology that overlays computer-generated images (CGI) on a user’s view of the real world. The images are most commonly viewed through mobile devices or through AR or mixed reality (MR) headsets, such as the Microsoft HoloLens or the Acer Windows Mixed Reality Headset.

AR is a revolutionary technology. The augmentation is generally performed in real time and in the context of users’ unique environments, meaning users’ devices must instantly process, interact with, and manipulate information about the surrounding world. This requires sophisticated computer vision and object recognition capabilities that have only recently become widely available.

Like virtual reality, AR has attracted the attention of and earned significant investments from some of the world’s leading tech companies. Both Apple and Google have released augmented reality development platforms – ARKit and ARCore, respectively – and the new iPhone X is designed to get Apple’s legions of loyal customers hooked on AR.

In other words, AR is poised to infiltrate every major industry on earth, including marketing. Major retailers like Ikea, Target, and Amazon have already developed apps that let customers experiment with product placement in their homes.

Other companies are taking a more creative approach: Toys “R” Us, for example, has introduced an augmented reality gaming app that lets customers explore their stores and encounter CGI characters, including the company’s giraffe mascot.

Around the world augmented reality and virtual reality production companies are developing memorable, innovative marketing experiences to help brands stand out from their competitors while offering customers unique and useful applications.

In a June 2017 interview with Bloomberg Businessweek, Apple CEO Tim Cook claimed to be so excited about augmented reality that he wanted to “yell out and scream.” We can’t help but agree: with both Apple and Google fully invested, AR will be available to billions of users in the immediate future, and is already adaptable enough to be incorporated into almost any business’s marketing strategy.

In other words, augmented reality is a fun, accessible and shareable means for businesses to connect with their customers. With a wealth of experience producing virtual reality marketing experiences in our back pocket, we at VusionVR are excited to make our mark as an imaginative, Toronto-based AR agency. Contact us today to learn how we can help you reach your business goals.





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